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Long Live Cube!

Cube Launceston is my contribution to the community surrounding Magic's greatest format.

The Cube Format

Cube is a limited format in Magic: The Gathering where players draft from a pool of cards much like standard retail drafts from booster packs.

Cube differs from retail draft in one big way. In cube you don't draft from boosters sold by Wizards of The Coast, but rather from a custom curated set (a cube) owned by another player.

Here are a few of the things I love about cube:

Cube in Launceston

My name is Declan and I host weekly cube drafts at Scenic Isle Gaming in Launceston. Drafts are free to enter, and the winner gets $20 store credit. The draft starts at 6:00PM sharp every Wednesday.

I maintain by own cube called Clang , an interactive, combat-focused environment heavy on threats and all kinds of interaction.

I'll have my cube on me every week, but if you'd like to draft your own cube, bring it along too! I want this to be an event where we have many different cubes to pick from.